Experience Certificate format: | Pdf & Word format: Download

Experience Certificate format: | Pdf & Word format: Download

An experience certificate, also known as the work experience certification is the letter issued to an employee working at any company. This letter confirms the time period for which the employee worked with the company. Not just that, the certificate also verifies the work habits and skills of any employee.

What is an Experience Certificate?

In simple terms, an experience certificate is actually issued by the institution/company for which the employee has worked. After you leave a company to shift to another or for any other reasons, it is advised that you ask your previous company for this certificate. The experience letter houses certain crucial information such as your previous designation, role, job work, previous salary, etc. This certificate defines a time period during which you worked for the previous company.

Here is an updated sample of the experience certificate format:

Objective of the Experience Letter

This certificate is important for authentication and proving the fact that the applicant for the job actually holds an authentic experience with the institution/company mentioned in the Curriculum Vitae. The experience certificate holds importance for recruitment during hiring of the candidate in a new organization.

Uses of Experience Letter

The experience certificate for work is an official and formal letter that is written over the Letter Head of a company. It should be issued & given by an employer to the employee when relieving its employee. Work experience certificate is beneficial in case an employee leaves the organization which can be requested by an employee from his manager.

Writing Experience Letter: Here is what you should know

The experience certificate tends to certify the fact that the employee has been a part of the organization & performed all his/her responsibilities and duties assigned in a satisfactory manner. For additional information, you can look for several experience certificate sample included by us in this website for your reference. Talking about the experience letter format, it should also contain the satisfactory/major contribution by the employee to the organization along with his/her identified strength. Moreover, the experience certificate format pdf should be polite in language and should definitely contain the given key tips:

  • Must be written on the Letterhead of the company
  • Date when the certificate is issued
  • Declaration/salutation “To Whomsoever it May Concern”
  • Complete Name of an Employee as stated in the Official Documents
  • Employment Period (Calculated from the joining date till the last working day in a company)
  • Position/Designation
  • Performance/Description
  • Ending statement with Best Wishes
  • Signed by HOD/Director/Manager/Authorised Signatory/HR Department Head
  • Should have the company stamp or seal

Why is work experience letter important?

We live in a competitive world where everything you learn or experience counts when looking for fresh new jobs or switching from one company to another. Today, recruiters tend to pay more attention to one’s work experience as opposed to degrees when hiring someone. Studies have revealed that one’s real-life exposure has enhanced impact over one’s job role as opposed to training or degree one has taken.

It is mandatory that one need to have job experience with proper official certification to bag a job that helps with proper career vantage.

Types of Work Experience Letter Sample

The apt definition of work experience can be stated as the work period during which an employee has worked in a particular organization where he has learnt or achieved success at various tasks.

Work Experience Letter Sample can be categorized as following:

Full-Time Work Experience Letter: A full-time work experience letter is where the employee has been working at his position for an approximate duration of 8-10 hours per day depending on the company’s requirements. This form of work is followed by several companies as the employee gains higher skill levels as compared to the part-time workers.

Part-Time Work Experience Letter: As required by certain job roles, the employee is connected with the employer on a part time basis. In a part-time role, one has to work fewer hours as opposed to a full-time employee. Now, the duration can differ from one employer to another. This variant of employment is fairly common for organizations such as marketing, textile, and retail outlets.

Internship Certification:This variant of experience certificate is for students or freshers that work with a company with the sole purpose of gaining experience. The duration of internship can range anywhere from few weeks to few months and is generally short-termed.

Voluntary Work Experience Certificate: This type of work experience certificate is where the employee might not be paid for the job role. This work experience has been noted to be common among enthusiasts or students that want to be a major part of the project that will help them attain help in future for career.

How does Work Experience help you?

The basic advantages of work experience certificate include:

Focused Resume: Now, you might have listed some experiences in your resume but it is important that you should pair them up with relevant certification to add authenticity to your resume.

Edge over competitors: Now, any job might have 100s or 1000s of resumes or applicants in search of the position. However, having a relevant work experience paired with certificate can make your resume stand out from the rest.

Better chances of higher roles: With a relevant work experience, you increase your chances to obtain better roles in future. Additionally, you have an upper hand when it comes to salary negotiation given the fact that you are worthy of the same.

Now that you know everything about the experience certificate, here is an experience letter format in word to help you understand what counts as an official letter of experience.

Experience Certificate Format

Ref. No. ___________                                                                                                                    Date:_________

To Whomsoever It May Concern

This is to certify that Miss/Mr. /Mrs. __________  Daughter/Son of Mr./Mrs.___________ was associated with our organization from _________ to __________ while working at the position of _______ for a period of _____years and ____ months.

During his/her tenure at the company his/her major responsibilities included _____ , ______ and _____. His/ Her exposure in all these areas is good. During his/her tenure with us, he/she ably handled his/her responsibilities and was found to be very productive and hardworking.

She/he is a dedicated professional with amiable character and nature as well. We do not have any objection to allow her join a better position in any other company. Further, he/she has no liabilities associated with the company.

We, at _________, wish him/her all the very best for his/her future endeavors.